Core Values

RKG Associates strives to:

Do excellent work for our clients

We recognize that the most meaningful evaluation of our work comes from them. Clients will characterize our work as excellent if:

  • It benefits them by enabling them to make better decisions governing their own futures;
  • It accomplishes a useful purpose,
  • It results in positive change, both as a result of our Clients' implementation of individual projects and as a result of the cumulative body of our work as it advances new approaches and ways of thinking about development issues.

Gain personal satisfaction from our work, both individually and collectively as a company. Personal satisfaction is defined as:

  • Learning from each other and growing professionally;
  • Expanding our knowledge base, as individuals and collectively as a firm;
  • Always being honest with our Clients and rendering our best professional opinion;
  • Creating and maintaining a positive, creative and enjoyable work environment for our employees.

Respect all of the company's employees by:

  • Making them partners in the work;
  • Listening to and valuing everyone's opinion;
  • Focusing on management structures that control workload, not our employees;
  • Granting employees the flexibility to manage their own work, and valuing their individual contributions to the firm.
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