Arlington master plan

arlington, MA

RKG is preparing a master plan for the Town of Arlington, MA. A close-in suburb of Boston and Cambridge, Arlington is a predominantly residential community with a small commercial tax base, rapidly rising home values, and changing demographics. It is an activist town, with many civic-minded volunteers and a strong tradition of citizen involvement in local government. Arlington’s historic downtown and other small business areas have opportunities to become more vibrant and profitable, but the town’s zoning does not encourage new investment.

In collaboration with Howard/Stein-Hudson, David Gamble Associates, Community Opportunities Group, and Ezra Glenn, RKG is leading a comprehensive planning process with an analysis of existing and future needs, constraints, and realistic options. Working closely with a master plan advisory committee and town staff, RKG has led public workshops, consulted with numerous community stakeholders, and helped town volunteers articulate the vision and goals for the new master plan. This effort will culminate in a master plan that addresses the state’s comprehensive plan standards and positions Arlington to achieve its vision for the future.

arlington adopt an island

arlington public meeting

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